Inserts for buckets, barrels, hoboks and any other dishes
having a round bottom.

We specialize in the production of round-bottom bags tailored to your needs. We create bags tailored to your container with a view to continuous technological development and an ever-growing awareness of ecological protection. We face the challenge of saving our planet by reducing hundreds of tons of waste to a minimum. Today it is a reference point at national and international level for the production of round-bottom liners, suitable for hoboks, barrels, buckets and other industrial containers with a round bottom

It can be modified to your needs: UV – resistant to solar radiation, antistatic, thickness 30-280 microns (0.03-0.28mm), ESD film, frost resistance, personalization (prints and colors).


  • Increasing your profit (the price of the bag is 10x less than the price of the barrel)
  • Care for the environment by minimizing waste destined for disposal (up to several hundred tons per year)
  • Your containers will always be clean and ready for further production
  • Reducing the time of cleaning or replacing containers
  • Your product will maintain absolute purity
  • The bags are reliable, durable and airtight
  • Your containers are protected from corrosion
  • Resistance to mechanical damage

Liners for barrels, buckets, ladles and hobbocks steel and plastic

LDPE bags are ideal for mixing and storing any liquid, powder or paste substance.

After using the substance, simply lift the liner so that the container remains clean and ready for reuse.

Round-bottom bags are used for substances such as:

Chemicals, adhesives, silicones, liquid and powder paints, lubricants, inks, coatings, food products, as well as very difficult to clean ladings such as gelcoats, adhesives and textile dyes.


It is a cost-effective solution for the protection of products such as powders, solid particles or viscous liquids. They can be easily twisted and tied to protect the contents from dirt and weather conditions.


You can use agitators or empty the contents of the bag with a suction pump. Resistance to mechanical damage and scratches.

The most frequently chosen sizes:

  • Ø287mm
  • Ø filler 130mm
  • height 330mm


  • Ø580mm
  • Ø filler 220mm
  • height 790mm

We will adjust the size of the bag to your container


  • Bags made of ESD film discharge the electric charge
  • Ideal for storing electronic components
  • Protects against moisture, dirt and damage
  • They are weldable


Especially recommended in the electronics industry.

They provide corrosion protection.

Resistance to external factors such as:

  • oxygen
  • water
  • steam


Disc protecting the lid of the barrel.

You can close your product, protecting the contents from contamination and drying without soiling the lid.

You can use the lids repeatedly without the need to clean or replace them.